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Singing not squeeking for my supper

Tomorrow I have a singing exam – yes a public concert for my finals – and more opportunities for a Guinea pig to experiment with the private becoming public. I had the first part of the exam on monday – a spoken Viva, where I ended up unwittingly going a bit off track and talking […]

The Dance of life

One of my dear friends just bought a lovely flat in Homerton and she had a housewarming/birthday party this saturday. Even Guineapigs need to let their hair down, or in my case sit on a sofa hypnotically nodding to warm phat house beats, imbibing copious amounts of tea whilst watching  a small intimate group of […]

The advantage of.

The advantage of being an anthropomorphic guinea pig is the ability to sometimes leave the familiar sawdustic smell  of domesticity  and venture out to new pastures green, or revisit old pastures greening with the April gift of Rain So I find myself on Sunday at Waterloo station at midday about to board a train to […]

   Break from…

   Break from….

 Today in the …

Today in the hutch I am continuing my experimentation with bicarbonate of soda. This has been ongoing for 4 weeks now and I am having pretty incredible results, which I will be detailing here later.




Hello world!

Greetings, and welcome to Cancer Guinea pig…  DIY trials from the Smart Lab inc – explorations of health modalities for cancer using myself instead of the mute harmless animals kept in medical laboratories. A cancer diagnosis is very scary, and there is intense pressure to take aggressive allopathic treatments as the only option. I have […]