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Hello world!

Greetings, and welcome to Cancer Guinea pig…  DIY trials from the Smart Lab inc – explorations of health modalities for cancer using myself instead of the mute harmless animals kept in medical laboratories.

A cancer diagnosis is very scary, and there is intense pressure to take aggressive allopathic treatments as the only option.

I have decided it is time  to set up some record of the last eight years of experimentation on myself, working with cancer and without  use of conventional allopathic medicine.

If there is a natural treatment for cancer that doesn’t involve travelling to expensive health clinics in Mexico,Tijuana, the Phillipines, then its very likely I have tried it.

My Initial criteria for things I have used and tried were :

  • Cheap and locally sourced (if possible)
  •  Vegan  as far as possible.

The Reasons I chose to use non allopathic modalities were within keeping of  my ethics to:

  •  Harm non.
  • Not Leave toxic residues in the water.
  • Not contribute to the multibillion pharmaceutical industry.

8 Years on I am still alive and kicking and experimenting and willing to share my resources.

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