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Singing not squeeking for my supper


Tomorrow I have a singing exam – yes a public concert for my finals – and more opportunities for a Guinea pig to experiment with the private becoming public.

I had the first part of the exam on monday – a spoken Viva, where I ended up unwittingly going a bit off track and talking about how I got into loving learning to sing classical Hindustani music 6 years ago, and how the intervals in the rag I am singing have a personal resonance with me on a biospiritual level.

You see I firmly believe that singing scales, modes or rags can be like acrobatics for the cells in the body, giving them a work out, Olivia Newton John styley. And it’s not just the oxygenation that occurs in the body when one sings that boosts the immune system, though that is a major bonus. It’s that each frequency has a profound effect on the cells – giving the cell a different shape, and a different colour or combination of colours. So a series of frequencies or tones makes the cell stretch and shimmer and change shape and colour.

When sung in rapid succession and repeated many times a series of tones can cause unhealthy cells to become unstable – The healthy cells withstand their shape.

And how do I know this is not just my fanciful imagination – though my fanciful imagination could probably do a lot with just this information. I know because I have seen the photographs that Fabien Maman made in the labs of one of the Parisian research Universities, both in one of his books eight years ago, and more recently when he showed his slides at the College of Psychic Studies. He made extensive studies of the effect of sound on both healthy cells and the Hela cancer cells. I have also experienced first hand applied dissonance through tuning fork action on my own tumour as I started training in sound acupuncture.

And though I decided to not pursue possible tumour breakdown with the forks, as I felt I would need to be undergoing some extreme detoxing to minimize overload which, I wasn’t in a position to do, the funny thing is that the dissonant intervals I was advised to use with the tuning forks, minor 2nds and major 7ths are the same intervals that characterise the rag Lalit that I will be singing tomorrow. A random and fortuitious choice by my singing teacher.

It’s funny how so often things go full circle. Like the wheel in my hutch.

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