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The carrot or the stick?

      Can food really heal? For many people a cancer diagnosis is a massive wake up call for healthy eating. One of the most agreed upon tactics is to change your diet –  to eat vegetarian or better still – vegan food, and go organic. Exercise and meditation are also actively encouraged. What would you […]

Personal, Arbitary and Endemic

  In my hutch I have a Mr Benn mirror. It allows me to transform from Guinea-pig to Scribe without any accompanying music (sorry those of you did not receive Mr.Benn in your formative years, I’m sure you can find him on You tube). Today after completing this neat little trick, after a rather busy […]

The Motorschiff Stubnitz

I must let you all into a little secret… before I was a cancer guineapig I was, well, a guineapig. Hush! I was going to write this blog about food – a major wow factor in my life  – and a little guide to all the different confusing dietary advices out there for people in […]