2013 – From Dreams to Reality.

guineapig curacao    I have been dreaming of far off shores and overseas climes – Thailand to be precise.

Not that I have ever been before. The idea of being a medical tourist as it were – of going to a health spa where some-one else makes you 6 organic veggie juices a day, some-one else is leading early morning qi gong in the quiet sunlight, you can trip along to daily colonics without negotiating a jolting screeching 30 minute tube journey, vitamin C injections on tap, liver de-toxing oh and I did I mention,fresh air and SUNLIGHT – has captured my imagination to the point that I have had my jabs and a flexible plastic silver credit card reads my mind and often pulsates gently in my pocket. When my moby vibrates that is, but still.

Ah. Dreaming. Instead I wake up late with my fingertips splattered in seemingly randomly applied bright red (vegan, natch) nail varnish. For a moment I wonder what kind of femme drama has occurred during the night hours (a nail varnish disaster being about the only femme drama I contend with these days). Then I remember. I am a victim of my own health protocols and have just survived a long night of self imposed first class jittery mind racing insomnia. Insomnia of the type that can only be introduced to the body by a super too strong coffee enema last thing at night in a misguided attempt to bring the health spa to Seven Sisters. By some-one who doesn’t drink coffee.

This long long night of lying in a caffeine buzz nerve jangled energy flow culminated at 5.40m this morning with an executive time saving decision to paint my nails – thus removing that from my list! Nail painting in the gloaming of a small night light – my eyes couldn’t handle a 100 watt is not to be recommended, especially when you are also trying to peer at a self help book which is telling you the key to healing is to treat your body as a friend. Would I subject a friend to this kind of beauty aesthetic – I think not!

Anyways –

For those of us who love self directed healthcare, and especially for those of us living with a cancer diagnosis and who seem to thrive despite prognosis’s to the contrary most of the things to be found in an exotic health spa become in some way a daily part of the normal health routine of detoxing and keeping alive and healthy – except all round sunshine – but boy do we tan when the sun does emerge – all that carrot juice – Simon Cowell eat your heart out.

Forgive my crowing digression.

I have had eight and a half years of this. Believe me, I am not complaining. I am in my element creating flexible health routines and love making potions and experimenting with different health protocols… something to do with Chiron in Pisces apparently. But sometimes it is a struggle and a challenge. And when the only red that gets painted is your nails, and not the town, and badly at that, and you realise your judgement is slightly impaired through repetitive fatigue then maybe an overseas trip isn’t a time-out escape, but a reboot to an existing structural programme.

Now I wonder if I can talk myself into this before my diary gets too unforgiving? Anyone else had health spa experiences they would like to share or recommendations?

Calliope x

2 comments on “2013 – From Dreams to Reality.

  1. Loving the fact you paint your nails – and esp that you do it at night and sleepily to save time in the morning! xx

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