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Selfo selfis selfit selfimus selfistis selferunt!

gp of the month

Hello dear reader, I must apologise. Bastardization of vaguely remembered Latin conjugations are one of my failings but also a testimony to the wonders of big inner city comprehensives that were formerly convents. State schooling in the 70s! Caecilius est pater et Calliope est cavies Porcellus. 

Calliope is also not a big selfie for cancer uk fan. I don’t really get it. Social media has been awash with them. It is a good thing for women to photograph themselves with no make up on –  natural beauty – YES. Make up also has its appropriate moments and I do appreciate a good make-up job. Raising money for good causes by making such daring selfie action  well yes, why not.

Raising money for Cancer Uk research with afore mentioned selfies – am not so sure. Raising money for research that if successful will make much profit for big pharmaceutical companies – slightly unpalatably dubious.

I also find it very problematic that our speciesist ignorance of the sentient intelligence and highly developed communication methods of animals means we think nothing of  their mute suffering, growing metastatic cancers on/in  their organs or limbs and then cutting zapping experimenting until they die. All in the name of human progress.

It is more than disturbing, more than barbaric, it is a crime.

During  less charitable moments –  I would sentence people on multiple rape and murder offences to be detained at her majesties pleasure in the research departments of various university hospitals paying their debts to society through providing the invaluable human guinea-pig service – a noble way to atone – saving lives.

I used to think that many politicians particularly Tory mps should also go this route – service to humanity via medical research labs at a certain age to counterbalance their immense privilege but I have softened with old age, and now just think they should be taxed to f***, their assets above £150,000 seized, and all monies then allocated to the community aspect of the wonderful NHS.

And while I am on the utopian subject I also think that all young men should do a kind of compulsory national service with the Hari Krishnas -preparing and giving  free food to people, wandering around the streets in long skirts playing music and singing and learning devotional temple practices. And then to the underground sound systems. Great way to graduate to adult male-hood.

I would say to anyone wanting to donate or raise money for cancer services you can’t go wrong with the Macmillan or the Marie Curie. I have had the honour of being a beneficiary of both of these wonderful organisations and I cannot praise them enough.

There is also another charity – CANCERactive – the leading cancer charity for integrative or holistic cancer treatments and who produce the magazine ICON – Integrative Cancer and Oncology news. This is edited by Chris Woollams M.A.Oxon – a former biochemist who is the foremost researcher in the Uk on the latest cancer treatments.

Right enough now. Next blog will be about oestrogen.

Over and out, your opinionated CGP friend xx


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