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Apparently I am now consciously incompetent and this is a good thing, according to V my amazing and angular hypno-therapist at the Marie Curie. Consciously incompetent or not I do though have new thick curtains and a curtain rail –  courtesy of the Macmillan fund –  which are also both in their rightful place and not decorating the lounge or hallway in a vertical fashion. A hundred blessings for the Macmillan. I have also recently acquired a guest columnist called Diana who is hovering in the wings as I type and who will be introduced at a future date.

Nesty darkness is so fitting for the seasonal wheel of long dark winter nights.

In my closeted world of guineapigdom, the fiefdom where I am sovereign and kingpig, (thankyou K for the side shuffle of your sovereignity claim) the construct of a 3 dimensional reality often takes back seat to a metaphysical reality that I invisibly and routinely inhabit. And whilst this lays me open to such pitfalls as denial of my physical state in the quest for new age manifestation, it also allows for a lived fluidity, and an opening to consciousness and integration that I truly believe is the way forward for the health of both the individual and the collective.

And I am not alone, Marianne Williamson talked succinctly and convincingly on this subject recently at Alternatives in Piccadily. Metaphysical realities and the future of the planet through Love. Basically on a personal level, for me, this means that whilst on paper my situation might look terrible my lived reality whilst sometimes being a tad challenging is manageable, changeable and hopeful.Which is exactly as it was over ten years ago.The structure of my body might be impaired at the moment yet the conscious spirit which dwells within it thrives. My decision to be a guineapig means I am always trying new configurations of things, sometimes failing, sometimes useless, sometimes having small hard won successes, and sometimes hitting the jackpot in terms of living in radiant vibrant health. And on the whole I enjoy these challenges and explorations. Choosing to share snippets of these processes or protocols on this blog – albeit intermittently – is a desire borne from a belief in the bodies own healing capacity and intelligence – a belief that for me has recently got stronger even when presented with evidence to the contrary.

To take as a cue to reality the thing that is the most apparent, the most visible, is to read a book by its cover and miss the trick that often it is the invisible that ultimately holds the most influence, and trust in that invisible shall we say divine intelligence is the key. Ah I fear I am veering towards another rant on the shortcomings of medical time enough already!

Luckily the practical and material can affect and impact on the unseen. Its a two way path.

For example my bedroom is at last dark – the football stadium street light stared down by my thick new half price curtains – which gives my pineal gland a chance to excrete melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone, produced by the pineal gland located in the centre of the brain. Its secretion is inhibited by light and stimulated by darkness. Therefore, melatonin production peaks at night. And natural melatonin is a fantastic anti-oxident, protector against age related things like alzheimers and macular degeneration, and a great adjunct for health protocols to fight cancer. Something thus as simple as a dark room (in your bedroom not in a gay sex club, dear readers) can thus help restore the body’s natural circadian rhythm and rebalance the endocrine system – oh and of course – according to wonderful Chris Woollams in his book on Oestrogen imbalance and the role it plays in all cancer development – has an impact on Oestrogen production – inna good way. All unseen. To take action borne from trust, patience and compassion as opposed to the reactive desire to immediately affect the visible has a potency and sustainability that shimmers across the timelines.

Abstractions aside now my quest is to move from being consciously incompetent to unconscious competance as apparently that rocks! See you next time and hope you enjoyed reading my ponderous squeeks. xx



To buy an audio of Marianne Williamsons recent lecture – Marianne Williamson at Alternatives Oct 2014  http://www.alternatives.org.uk/Site/ProductDetail.aspx?ID=321


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