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According to Tom Kaypacha and his astrological and cosmological reckonings the aspects between Mars and Jupiter at this time are creating a massive birthing process – we are being squeezed by double force contractions out of the mother’s birthing canal into the new paradigm- out of the old and into the new.

In a candid and unusual turn to mark 2015  and with what feels like a radical departure from my normal blogging style let me share with you the paradigm I wish to leave for the paradigm I wish to emerge into.

Since I was old enough to remember I have felt non comprehension and confusion over all the hidden stuff that post industrial cultures are built on – the mountain of animal suffering behind every consumer edible product produced commercially. The pharmaceutical industry. How clothes are made. How music is reduced to an anodyne backdrop of consumerism. Environmental violence. Gender violence. Rubbish and landfill. Slow violence. Inequity. Prejudice. How time is constructed.  How nature is destroyed. How other worlds are ignored. Or misrepresented. What cars and mobile phones to the environment. And the privileging and entitlement that whiteness occupies in certain institutional democracies.

I have been living all my life in a fearful shadow scared to step into my full humanity, scared to take my place in a world I don’t belong in, a world I hate. Scared of being powerful/ of being corrupted/ of letting go of my ethics/ of becoming an idle consumer. Not wanting to be another problematic contributer. I would much rather be a small guinea-pig hiding in the ample cleavage of Pamela Anderson, safe in the knowledge that she will protect me.

But it is time now. Time to reach for the highest, fullest, truest  picture of my future. For people like me who have never been able or wanted to take their place in a sick society, and who have become unwitting symptom carriers of that sickness, the time is now. To shake off the sickness and embrace the part that has been waiting in the wings to manifest. For an eternity.

And my New Year message is really never give up, never give up never give up. Keep dreaming the impossible, the unimaginable. See human beings organising and creating societies based on compassion and co mutuality. Dare to let your body believe the divine truth of perfect health. Be woo, be yoghurt weaving, don’t shy from the worlds pain but hold it with compassion. Be active and create something, do something, make something happen. Resonate with Love. Find others who resonate with Love. And make much music.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015

Blessings and Blissings

Love Calliope





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