Is Vitamin E the New Tamoxifen?

BE  HAPPY gp big face
      It doesn’t take much and long to make my fur bristle. Especially when I pay £165 to see the supposed foremost cancer specialist and herbalist in the Uk because I want herbal support for my hormone and endocrine system and receive a lengthy report much of it dedicated to diet – that I have to wait for for 9 days – that tells me to lay off white flour and refined sugar, and meat. can you imagine the indignity! Do you know WHO I AM? I AM a cancerGP I HAVE BEEN VEGAN for 26 years. And organic. What do you mean I need B12 drops – don’t you know what the Zell oxygen is that I told you I was taking. What a waste of my time and money! Bristle. narcissistic bout of self important high horseness.

Knowing my tendency for this mode of behaviour I managed to check myself and had some pretty constructive email correspondence after the receival of aforementioned “report”, and I have to concede that my actual appointment with him was pretty cool. One of main reasons for visiting him was to see if he knew about tocotrienols,  its use as a substitute for tamoxifen, and whether he could source it as a uk and vegan supplement as I had only found expensive stateside gelatine capsules.

What are tocotrienols fellow readers? Well it is rather interesting. Tamoxifen is an oestrogen blocker. Apparently if you can handle the side effects and swallow the fact that the World Health  Organisation labels it carcinogenic – plus of course all the problematic pharma nonethics and violations – it has quite an effective record of working for women who have breast cancer with hormone positive receptors (even though they admit on the official blurb they do not really know how it works – which is always a bit ominous).

Tocotrienol is a component of Vitamin E which has a similar affect on Oestrogen receptors *. Ignored by most of the research about Vitamin E until very recently –  Tocotrienols “possess powerful neuroprotective, anti-cancer and cholesterol lowering properties that are often not exhibited by tocopherols.” **. Anyways the herbalist knew about them and suggested Dr.Mercola’s vit E as a vegan supplement – though it is a combination of tocopherol and tocotrienol. Phew so that’s that then  – that is me on the vegan Vitamin E to see if the low percentage of Tocotrienols does anything.

I am aware I could go on ad nauseum on this subject but actually all I want to write about is the yellow daffodils that are springing up everywhere and the vernal Equinox which has been exciting me immensely. Plus I want to squeek around the park and play with the squirrels as undignified as that is for a guinea pig of my size. So over an out for today.

Hope you have a great springtime week dear reader.
Love Calliope x

And here is some music by the Shaman – substitute Ebeneezer for Vitamin and job done! 

* Chris Woollams http://www.canceractive.com

**http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0024320505012361                                   Tocotrienols: Vitamin E beyond tocopherols by Chandan K Sen, Savita Khanna, Sashwati Roy


2 comments on “Is Vitamin E the New Tamoxifen?

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