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Reiki and Cancer

gp big faceHello again dear readers. After another lengthy absence I take pen to paper as it were to share with you some more details of my life as a CGP.

As you may know, or not know, when I was diagnosed in 2004 with breast cancer that was already in my lymph nodes – I had had previous success with healing some pretty serious illnesses from my body using herbs, natural medicines, Reiki, journey work, meditation and a few other things. I saw the cancer diagnosis as a further opportunity to work in this way – in fact I knew this was going to be my biggest teacher – and it has been.

I have tried to navigate my way through these last years staying true to my ethics and integrity – as a die hard (as it were, lol) – vegan and some-one who tried not to collude with the global industrial complex of capitalism in its many forms but particularly the pharmaceutical companies.  On the whole I have succeeded though I have also had to bend and bow – like consciously eating meat for 3 months in 2007, and also engaging with radiotherapy in 2010. Life changing dances with the “enemy” that simply widened my capacity for and understanding of compassion.

There has been one modality that I previously used quite extensively both on myself and others prior to my diagnosis – Reiki – that I did not use for first 10 years of having cancer.

This was because years ago when I was training in the nineties my Reiki master was insistent that if you got cancer it was really hard to treat yourself with Reiki and in fact you shouldn’t. I seem to remember him saying something about it being really hard to work outside of the body disease matrix, and also the simple fact that if you gave cancer cells love they grew. This made sense to me. I also knew that one of the core premises of Reiki was trusting the energy and not trying to manipulate it to destroy cancer cells.

Thus I didn’t consider Reiki as one of my personal healing tools. A couple of years down the line I think I tried Reiki on myself once or twice but was convinced – rightly or wrongly that it made the tumour grow so stopped.

This year I have rediscovered using Reiki with avengeance – though interestingly enough I was only guided to use one of the symbols, the symbol for emotional and mental healing and not the energising one  and it has bought me so much empowerment peace and painfree time that I am also loving sharing this with other people with great results – not that I am result focused!

The Reiki Association – which I am a member of were very interested in my story – and there is a little article in their latest magazine TOUCH – about my experience. Unfortunately after approving the copy they were going to use, it had to be cut further and a couple of very important details got chopped out. I will be publishing the original article on here next week. Plus some more information of working with Reiki for serious illnesses.

In the meantime much Love to you wherever you are reading this from and who-ever you are. There are some amazing things happening at this time. And always always gardez la bonne morale.

Calliope xx


Oh and here is some lush hippy healing electronica for your aural delight.

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