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10 Top Psychological Tips for Dealing With a Cancer diagnosis.

gp big faceHello dear reader, firstly let me tell you that on hearing the words cancer related to you and your person, or to some-one you know  – either as a surety or a possibility –  it is likely that you will feel like your world has collapsed and the chill of death has nipped the air like a Pokemon haunter, or a Trump president elect.

I know I did. This is quite normal. And yes a cancer diagnosis, or even a possible diagnosis does bring you closer to your mortality – but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We all have to face the fact that we are immortal only in spirit and the body is like a vehicle, a vehicle that we can fix and repair for the duration of its purpose. Know that you will get through this, although it feels scary as shit at the moment.

I have compiled a list of things that helped me deal with the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis twelve and half years ago and keep my strength and sense of purpose which I would love to share with you …..


10  Top Psychological Tips for Surviving and Thriving with a Cancer Diagnosis:

  1. You are more than the diagnosis. Don’t be minded to become the disease or let it define you. You have errant cells that simply need to be dealt with.
  2. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Eat your fear! Face what you are really scared of. Write it down on a piece of paper and eat it/burn it. Decisions made from fear are not always the most considered and sustainable. Assess yourself: some people choose chemo out of a place of fear. Some people don’t wish to have chemo out of fear. By looking at the fear and getting through it you can then have a better chance of making empowered decisions that serve you and are not from a reactionary place of fear.
  3. Remember there is no right or wrong way to deal with cancer. We are all unique individuals with individual body types and errant cell pathologies. For some people chemo will feel right, for others it won’t. By connecting deeply with your heart you will be able to navigate what is right for you in your circumstance.
  4. Practice detachment from the diagnosis/illness. Avoid using words like “my” cancer or “my tumour”.
  5. Remember that many schools of thought believe that your body made this, your body can unmake it. And there is a lot of help available to help it do that from all quarters – from western medicine to naturopathic medicine.
  6. Pleasure is medicine – find as many opportunities to laugh. Getting lost in the collective consciousness of victimhood and pain will not serve you. Now more than ever you can help your immune system by doing pleasurable things, empowering things.
  7. Harness as many plant/animal allies as necessary. Remember food is incredible medicine but you don’t need to panic and radically change your diet. I would recommend cutting out refined sugar, upping your vegetable intake, trying to eat more organic, and yes binning the junk food (hormone disrupting crisps or high sugary fatty milky refined chocolate bars right! )
  8. Get some support and help from people who know/who have been there/ who are there for you. Allow yourself to accept help from people you trust.
  9. Take some time for yourself. Take some time to make a decision regarding treatment. Cancer takes years to materialise and few weeks are unlikely to make much difference. Take your time to get informed, ask questions, find out the side effects of any treatments and procedures. Forewarned is forearmed! Get Informed!
  10. And finally – know that you can do this – you can get through this. You are not alone.


I hope you have found this helpful. It is not a definite guide for sure, and next week I will be sharing a guide to navigating treatment options, including what to do if you really feel that western medical treatment options aren’t for you and also how meditation helped me.

So dear reader take good care of yourself and those around you, and thank you again for taking the time to read this blog. Please share it with anyone you think will be helped by it.

Love and power for your days.

Calliope x

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