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The Joy of Cold Showers And Other Delights

gp big faceDear reader, it is said that an orgasm can plug one into the primordial sound of the universe. A state of buzzing vibration – the Om that the Rishi’s of India maintained was the original sound. For myself I have found an additional way of accessing the cosmic hum… yes readers I am about to extol further the virtues of a cold shower.

Before I do this I would just like to say it has truly become rather cold and dark in the last couple of weeks – what with the weather and political happenings across the pond. I stand in solidarity and Love with the American people whose lives have been made a lot less safe by the election of Trumpington/ and the chrustian kkk fundamentalist republican types. Yikes. Groove is in the heart, stay strong and love each other my friends.

Now to the business of this blog – cold showers.

I know! It is an unthinkable for most people in these cold climes. Brrrrr. Squeek. And I am not one for unnecessary masochism despite seeming evidence to the contrary. But the fact remains – I am committed to this shower business and am patting myself on the back for my bloody minded tenacity.

You see as strange as it might appear, getting out of bed and having to immediately overcome something physical and tangible actually works for me. It gives me a feeling of success nay triumph, triumph over adversity. I mentioned the cold showering to the lovely Dr. K who laughed and said I was adhering to the time honoured homeopathic principle of being drawn to what you disliked as being good medicine. Of course to bring it back to cosmic sex, having to go to the things you have resistance to, the things you dislike is also a form of tantric philosophy in the style of Osho teachings I believe.

Yes it is challenging. Yes I hate it before I have done it. Yes I have to gee myself up to do it. Sometimes I feel too lazy/weak or just tired and cold, so I run a really hot bath with frankincense in. I immerse myself in the heat up to my neck feeling deep gratitude for the luxury of hot water but then despite my comfort instincts I find myself pulling the plug, start letting the water drain away and then I simply can’t resist the part of me that just knows what my immune system needs. Before I know it I have put the shower hose on with freezing cold water and am dousing myself whilst yelping and gasping and squeeking.

It makes the skin go red, like sunburn, and you heat up and tingle… and then my ears start humming and my body feels electric. It is amazing and I feel alive and ready for the day. Who needs cosmic sex when you can have a cold shower experience. In fact isn’t a cold shower meant to be a traditional remedy for lusty thoughts….

I am sharing these musings as I sit in St Thomas dental hospital. Floor 23. Overlooking the Thames and the Shard. It is surreal. The last time I was here was in June just before Glastonbury festival when I had a very painful tooth extraction that had cracked three ways and was not letting in the light.

Today though I have come back because one of my wisdom teeth is being reabsorbed into my jaw bone and they want to x-ray that. I mean none of my wisdom teeth came through. Maybe I didn’t merit their presence – or maybe my being doesn’t want to share my wisdom with the world. Or maybe just maybe I am wise enough! Who is ever wise enough though?

What wasn’t wise is during the last few years I have had a really bad but delicious habit. The habit of chewing the insides of my mouth. So pleasurable. My life scientist rat companion flags it up when she catches me trying to unobtrusively nibble my inner cheeks. But Guinea pigs need to obsessively nibble on something and I was pretty oblivious to the fact that this had become a natural and instinctive mechanical body action.

The result of my x-rays bore further witness to this, that is after a half hour panic when first the dental technician, then her supervisor, then the consultant thought they could see a floating tooth under my left eye in a highly irregular freak of nature occurrence. Luckily the radiologist when found put this flight of fancy in its place. I do though have two large cysts in my lower jaw bone which have to be removed along with some of the bone sometime in the New Year. This shocked me. I have had two lumps for years under some of my bottom teeth. I googled and discovered cysts are quite normal and are usually due to wisdom teeth which haven’t come through and also biting the inside of your mouth – trauma to your mouth. AAaargh. All those years of mouth chewing. For this! Be warned young rodents who need to graze. Find something sensible to get your teeth into – like ideas and sticky toffee!

So I decided to return to oil pulling to try and avoid surgery. I don’t know whether you, dear reader, have oil pulled. I am using coconut oil at the moment. Please feel free to share any preferences for oil or experiences on my comments page under this blog.

Oil pulling aside – As a general health update I have managed to find something that works as effectively as the tamoxifen without the noxious side effects at last. High dosage iodine, flax seeds and vitamin C. There is a protocol and I am happy to answer questions.

In the next blog I will be sharing information about three expensive tests to check oestrogen pathways in the liver amongst other things, and also to share the facts and experience of oxygen. Yes for the whole month of January I will be trekking to somewhere near Chingford 6 days a week to sit in an oxygen chamber of the type that divers use. Deep gratitude to the Stay Up Forever Collective, T and Lou from club 414 and all the awesome techno dancing feet who raised the funds to enable this to happen.

And finally in what feels quite a disjunct ending to this week’s blog I would like to flag up in advance, well in advance for those of you who hate change as much as I do, that I feel my days of being a cancer guinea-pig are coming to an end. I mean I know I could run with this ad infinitum but I need to stop being a cancer guinea pig and revert back to being simply a health activist/ life guinea pig. That cosmic hum I mentioned at the beginning is inviting me to reveal my true colours and step into my power. This means leaving my GP identity and returning to my serpentine roots. You see I am a snake after all and shedding my skin is part of the modus operandi. Also I no longer want to be invested energetically in being a cancer guinea pig.

I will probably keep blogging for the duration of the oxygen on this site – and will give you all advance warning when and if I migrate to another blog name – so just bear that in mind and enjoy xx

Warm Solstice Wishes on this shortest day after the longest night.

Love Light and Peace

Calliope xx


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