Deep Diving pt 2


Hello dear readers, the little flowers are poking their heads out of the turf in my hutch and spring is in the air. What a relief. As you might or might not be aware I am experimenting with hyperbaric oxygen. Initially this was for 4 weeks in January but January came and went, the oxygen process was hard on my body and emotions but I decided to continue into February…..during this time I graduated from the 16 foot (and sharing the tank with some children, highly evolved souls who came through at this time with severely limited physicalities mainly of cerebral palsy and autism ) to the adult only 24 foot depth. I also listened to Deepak Chopra and schlepped up to Edgware weekly to see my amazing fellow healer, kinisiologist and doctor of 5 element acupuncture O …..

“I banish disease from your arms, from your legs, from your private parts” I hear Deepaks voice from a hymn from the Rg Veda as an ear worm in my head randomly on the tube, on the buses, on the treatment table.

My body involuntarily goes into warrior mode, fists clenched, jaw rigid.
“There is an almighty battle going on” says O as she needles my feet.
“This cancer thinks it owns you.”
“I know, I say, but it doesn’t. ” ‘And it is going down’ I say to myself.

An old Tibetan mantra comes to mind. A mantra that I was given by one of the only Tibetan doctors of Bon medicine in the Uk (who I visited 10 years ago) designed to get rid of entities in the body associated with cancer. I gently pulsed it through my body letting the words be carried through my lymph and through my blood on a wave of silent sound, letting the many needles O has put in me hum with this sound – just to let the cancer know that it’s days are now numbered, even though I have deep gratitude for all the transformations and learnings it has offered me.

People like Donald Trump can be compared to cancer cells in the body. I mean they share the same traits: selfishness, greed, opportunism, individually working for their own ends, regardless of whether they kill the host body, or planet to feed their short lives.
To do a head to head combat simply recreates the binary. Winner and loser, good and evil, vanquished and conquistador. To make the cells, or people like Trump choose to deconstruct or make way for healthy cells or consciously minded people it takes a different paradigm and consciousness. We all need to recentre power: Power in body knowledge. Power in body pleasure. It is coming people!

Later my laboratory rat assistant lies next to me. I am in pain. The tumour site feels raw and damp and on fire. (I was having an inflammation response often a result of the start of tumour breakdown.)
“I am trying to be empathetic and tune into your pain to support you” she says
“but I just feel like I have bad period cramps.”
“Ratfriend!” I say
“You do me no good by trying to embody pain. Let’s try and get some good biodynamic feedback going. Please just imagine that you are really happy, ecstatically happy, and pain free, and so am I”
Within seconds I am enveloped by a warm glow that just keeps increasing. My body starts feeling deep bliss and the pain subsides. I chuckle with delight.
“What colour am I sending you” she asked out out of the darkness. My favourite energy game as many past intimates will testify.
“Colour?” Taken unawares my head switches on and starts going through the mental process of identification – blue, my rational mind says
“Blue” I falter
“No” She says. I briefly wonder if I am losing my touch but then I just tune into my body, a body awash with golden light – “its Gold” I correct myself, “of course it is gold”
Now its her turn to glow with happiness. She chuckles delightedly pleased at her acquired skills.

Hard times, good times, the continuum of body song always singing, life always coursing through me. I give thanks many times throughout my days for the gifts and messages that appear sometimes in unexpected ways or through expected situations.

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Stay tuned for the next post where I will be sharing the similarities between cancer and trump and survival tactics for living with both.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Love peace and empowerment.


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  1. Wow powerful reading ❤ x

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