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Trump and Cancer cells

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Is the hyperbaric oxygen working? Well I have steadfastly applied myself to the act of arriving on time almost daily before the tank gets locked, and succeeded. For those of you who have been accompanying me on this blog journey for a while you will know what a herculean effort that has been. (https://cancerguineapig.com/2012/11/07/queer-femme-time-pt-1/)

The tumour is being inactive. Which is a result.

I did have a scarey random t-shirt splatter bleed last week which threw me off balance a bit but a little visit to the local chinese herbalist (a fiver for 30 minutes talking) reboosted my faith and conviction in what I am doing.

Somethings take time, results don’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a tree, or oaks aren’t made in a day. We live in a world of immediate results and one dimensional understandings yet as Angela Davis said this weekend at the WOW* festival – we have to do the work – even if the results won’t be visible for our lifetimes.

Not to say that what I am doing won’t be visible in my lifetime.. I mean there are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the body and each type of cell has its own life span*

I am sure for each individual there are variants of this but in general it is held that the epidermis (skin surface) replaces itself every 35 days. You are given a new liver every six weeks. Cells of the stomach lining replace themselves every 4 days, and our entire skeletal structures are regenerated every 3 months* and that is without taking into account relativity and time dilation.

How can time be seen as fixed and one dimensional when there are so many cyclical time orbits operating inside the body?

And this is also reflected outside the body. For example my hutch can be seen as a  multidimensional cyclical time zone.

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Consider for example my pt time assistant lab rat has 12 years and I have 10 years to each human year*. My rooster housemate has 5.33 years to each human year and her cat  – well for cats…..

” there is no mathematical formula (well at least, not a simple one) because the age of a cat does not follow a linear curve compared with the human age.” *

I keep my watchful guinea pig eye on that cat!

We are truly mega multidimensional beings with many different time zones and operating systems within us all unified by some mysterious intelligence.

Sometimes the hardest work in the world is using your mental strength to keep a vision of your own reality when physical manifestations contradict that – like keeping your sense of self and centre with the understanding that nothing is fixed in stone. I hope you can forgive all the metaphors I am littering my writing with today. But how to do that?

Forgive me if you think I am referencing the 11th century Danish King of North England – Cnut – as the king who ordered the tide to stop and failed miserably. I am not. I am not referring to using your willpower to affect things outside of yourself, though I have to add that King Cnut got a pretty bad press. He was actually making a point to his courtiers that he wasn’t omnipotent and he couldn’t stop the tide coming in. See spin was happening even then. Neither is it about using your willpower to create blue sky thinking and engaging in the practice of spiritual bypassing.

I am talking about using your mental strength to create a vision of holistic health, and holding on to it. An imaginary that serves and honours the cyclical nature of all cell activity. An imaginary that can override the prioritisation of the wellbeing of only one type of cell – the cancer cell. An imaginary that benefits all cell members of any society and not just the rich and privileged. An imaginary that inspires action to make it a reality. Yes action!

And so we return to Trump.

As cancer cells take generally years to get it together enough to manifest as a full blown tumour, a time truth often disregarded by oncologists, people like donald trump also did not just appear overnight. I mean the things he embodies were seeded thousands and thousands of years ago, and have been fed and watered to become institutionally endorsed. But that doesn’t mean that he and what he represents is fixed in stone either, even when it seems that all is lost and the armageddon has started.

I and others before me have often said that cancer cells are greedy, selfish, self orientated, stubborn and disconnected with the rest of the body workings, and the analogy with trump for me is glaringly obvious. To have a holistic sense of the multidimensionality of time can give us hope. Hope that we can affect our futures and those of other beings

HOPE is a good tactic.

For dealing with cancer cells both in the body and in the body politic.

So with Hope I hope dear reader you can take heart whatever your situation.

Stay Strong and Well.


Calliope xxx

*WOW – Women of the World Angela Davis speaking with Jude Kelly March 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMUskpoNdIc






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