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Connection As The Key To A Healthy Life


I have a new drum. This is a drum I made, with the guidance and help of two dear friends to be used for trance and otherworld travelling purposes. A shamanic drum if you like.
My daily practice – its been three weeks now – with it renders a plethora of sounds, intervals, tones, resonances that are never alike on any two days. It is astounding! It reminds me of something I read recently that said something along the lines of …we are a totally different person everyday, and that is okay, we can forgive and love ourselves for this fact.
I don’t know for you, but I sure get confused by being a different person everyday.


It is so easy to come unmoored from your purpose by getting distracted by a seemingly new set of feelings, or want to explore who this person is who feels so blank or how this person is different from the day before.

Maya by Hrana Janto

Maybe this is the MAYA of illusion. An illusion of reality that distracts us by inviting us to play at exploring what it is to be human at the expense of forgetting who we are at our root (instead of exploring our humanity whilst being connected to our root?). An illusion that can easily take us down paths that are not in resonance with our higher purpose or for our greater good as beings who have incarcerated whoops Freudian slip I mean of course incarnated as humans on this planet at this time.

I often wake up and just feel a blank, an unknowing of who I am and why I am here. This is heightened for me as I have no external structure impressing on me like a jelly mould what shape to take in the world, how you are identified and how you identify yourself. How you are as a professional. This could be seen as the ultimate horror or the ultimate freedom, or both, the horror and responsibility of freedom. A place of empowerment and self definition if you have the will and energy and mindset to use it.

chocolate miceJelly Moulds

Anyways Jelly moulds can be fun. I have one of a guineapig I opt into to write this blog. Yet the jelly mould is not who you are either, I mean it is not who I am au font.
To remember who I am I practice connection.
I practice a daily connection to myself, myself in all the glorious contradictions, pluralities and multiplicities, the parts of me that exist in different places and emerge with different people but also to the part of me that is Gddss, the spark of divinity/creatrix that we all have access to and is part of the greater whole.
It is this connection that is most threatened when I get caught up in the world of Maya – the illusion of reality – the connection to the part of me that is eternal and forgiving and abundant and all powerful.
Without this connection I feel lost and ungrounded in a treacherous world, and forget that that connection is actually always there and I am safe and held.

One Way To Connect

This connection involves a daily practice of grounding and welcoming myself as a human, through some simple stretches and spine twists informed by yoga and Taoist practices, and some meditation. I have been doing this in various combinations since 1997. It gives me a bedrock of inner peace.
For many people this daily check in and connection is simply forgotten due to frenetic lifestyles and financial striving. For those of us who have had that connection and trust in that connection disrupted and wrenched through painful childhoods, adverse conditions, sad losses or maybe even a health diagnosis… I mean pretty much everyday human experiences … this silent morning check in and connection can mean the difference between a day of blank feelings on top of a pit of anxiety and fear, manifesting as self hate and nihilism or a day of heart sparkling peace, optimism and well being.
It is that powerful. Which also means I struggle when that practice is not available to me because I sacrifice it for convenience sake or practical considerations like if I am not at home, or have no where to practice, or oversleep, or have something that is more fun and distracting to do, or feel like I am a nuisance with my insistence on this practice. The impact is huge. Yes as I said before, this is recovery work and my connection to my inner self muscle atrophied somewhat due to lack of conscious use, and abandonment of it as a response to my environment when I was younger.

Don’t Lose It Use It!

It is said that things that are lost and then refound have a quality to them feels precious and the potential loss of them more fraught. My response to anxiety is abandonment. To abandon the thing I could lose so I at least feel in control of something, and the thing I have in the past abandoned is myself. Everyday in a morning practice I recommit to myself and to connecting to the parts of myself that I have abandoned even if I don’t know which parts they are, and to commit to connection with Gddss

It Is Always There

And the most profound aspect of this morning practice, the thing that works for me, that gives me hope and allows me to navigate my life and live how I live (which many people ask about) is a morning practice of accepting myself who ever I AM, and who ever I will be for this day, accepting and taking pleasure and gratitude in the fact that I have been born, and human and am here, regardless of whether I feel connected or not…everyday I am different yet I have this connection that is always there, even when my sense of loss makes me get absorbed in that feeling and creates a sense of loss in this connection. We NEVER actually lose this! It is always there for us and with us. A mutual indwelling.

A Morning Practice

If you don’t already have a morning practice, or have let one slide I nudge you to find/refind a way to engage with yourself … it could be a something for as little as a ten minute wiggle and stretch followed by 5 minutes of stillness, or an hour or even two filled with one practice or many different components. Find something that resonates with you and do it. I start with a 15 minute set of yoga exercises to wake the body and then meditate from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes. I started this 21 years ago inspired by an Ayurvedic book written by Deepak Chopra and have changed my practice over the years but have found that simple is best. I mean some people even rebound to psytrance for ten minutes. These days there are so many resources on youtube.
Just find something that connects you to your body and commit to it. Yes celebrate who you are by connecting your human body with your inner Goddess strength, daily.
And if you have never done this before…….Just try it!
Love, Peace, Empowerment
Calliope xx

Your action of commitment is the bridge.

Feel Free to connect with me and tell me if you resonate with this post and what your morning practice is

*Image of Maya taken from the brilliant Goddess Oracle Deck and book set by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, illustrated by Hrana Janto and available at Waterstones https://www.waterstones.com/product/the-goddess-oracle-deck-and-book-set/amy-sophia-marashinsky/hrana-janto/9781572815469

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