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Who is Herb Robert?

Hello dear friends,

I had a serious blip in March (alcohol poisoning from too much free champagne at the Savoy Hotel – I kid you not dear reader) that took me off track and impacted quite extremely on my mind body and spirit throughout most of April. I was pretty depressed and lost sight of my future.

I mean I had started 2019 so auspiciously – making myself get up and get out of the house for daily yoga for 8 weeks. Yes 8 weeks of yoga and intermittent fasting ruined ! Ruined by one night of the demon drink HA HA …………………

Calliope drowning in Champagne

I was a sad guineapig and felt like a failure. Everything seemed a little futile again, my liver was struggling plus I had to go to Berlin to finish a transnational project. This really felt like one step too far and a jeopardisation of my health, which made me hate on myself some more. But I knew I had to see through my commitment. So I went and I came back. (It was an amazing project after all). And took a week or two to recover.

On the first of May I finally started a 28 days liver cleanse. I had collected all the necessary herbs last February 2018 and had been saving them, though not in my pouches thankfully.

I have been liver cleansing for the last 14 days. This involves taking twice daily doses of dandelion and milk thistle tincture, 2 litres of spring water daily (with lemon when I remember) and copious amounts of Mullein tea. I bought them all ready made from the wonderful healing hands herbs. https://secure.herbs-hands-healing.co.uk/detox-and-cleansing/28-day-cleanses who also have a herbalist you can talk to for free on the phone about their detox herbs. How amazing is that!

This is along with of course juicing once or twice a day, taking berberine, curcumin and live yeast enzymes, sporadic liposomal vitamin C, eating raw at lunch (with grated beetroot), cooked foods at tea, and occasionally doing an 18 hour intermittent fast.

Anyways the only change I have had to make for the liver cleanse is cutting out green tea. #myhardcore. The first 7 days I was totally exhausted all the time. Now at day 14 I am starting to feel almost spritely. Spritely enough to be sniffing the air out in my hutch and mowing and hedge strimming and noticing a plethora of little pink flowers. Lo Herb Robert!

But I mean who the duce is Herb Robert and have you seen him? Is he like a super genius musician like Herbie Hancock? Or an actor or even pink car seen in Disney films? Nope! Prone to musical pink and green Herb Robert is a common garden “weed” (sorry Robert) that grows prolifically around and about in northern Europe, northern America and probably northern Asia.

It actually has been a good few years since I noticed him, growing shyly among the cleavers in sporadic bursts in my back garden.

But I studiously ignored him. For a long time.

Then after the wonderful and missed herbalist Christopher Hedley introduced me to the joys of picking and using cleavers I became a little more interested in these pink flowers nestling amongst the cleavers in my garden. Though not interested enough to do anything with them.

A couple of years on and I started googling them, would collect the pink flowers after mowing the lawn and ponder some therapeutic use but nah, no resonance. It wasn’t calling me to work with him. Plus I got confused by all the different reasons to use it and its lack of mention in old well worn herbal books I have like Jethro Kloss Back to Eden.

And those that did write about him well this is what Nicholas Culpepper had to say about Herb Robert:

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Venus. Herb Robert is commended not only against the stone, but to stay blood, where or howsoever flowing; it speedily heals all green wounds, and is effectual in old ulcers in the privy parts, or elsewhere. You may persuade yourself this is true, and also conceive a good reason for it, do but consider it is an herb of Venus, for all it hath a man’s name.”

Nicholas! “Consider it a herb of Venus for all it hath a man’s name” what does this mean! You make Robert sound rather uninviting in a kind of Age of Enlightenment authority way. Plus some of its names like Stinky Bob – referring to its noxious smell of fox hormonal spray scent, and Death Come Quickly are also kinda ominous right!

Yet “Saint Robert’s Herb, was named after a French monk who lived in 1000 AD, who cured many people suffering from various diseases using this plant. ” Plus “First Nations people have used this plant internally to help with many health ailments and externally for healing wounds, herpes and skin eruptions.”

Every year I seem to have more and more, prolifically taking over the garden. And now for the first year there is more Robert than cleavers! If your best medicine is in your backyard then Herb Robert is SHOWING UP!

And I am feeling spritely enough to look Herb Robert in the face and say hey – do you want to do some work with me?

Then I found the blog Julia’s Edible Weeds. She writes the nutritional components and cites another herbalist to explain the effects of germanium

“germanium which as well as being an oxygen carrier and catalyst, also stimulates electrical impulses at a cellular level, which benefit the entire body according to Isabell Shipard a well known Australian herbalist. She further says that this humble herb has resulted in numerous amazing healings from such illnesses as cancer, colitis, chronic fatigue, cataracts, diabetes, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and pain relief for those with rheumatism and arthritis. “

Plus this food for thought

“According to an article in The Healing Journal, scientists, herbalists, and botanists have discovered that Herb Robert grows especially abundant in areas that have high radiation levels (which include under hydro lines). It is believed that Herb Robert absorbs the radiation from the soil, breaks it down and disperses it”

So I am collecting five leaves a day, chopping them up and using them in salad, swimming in the flax oil of my porridge (true story) or throwing them in with the spinach in smoothies or pasta. I am going to see how it goes. For the moment it feels good. And my garden has soooo many Roberts that I can circumnavigate the plants that have been sprayed by all the neighbourhood cats in the turf wars they dare to have in the domain of a guineapig!

So my friends check what is growing in your back yard and full respect for these so called “weeds”. And if you need some medicine maybe there is your answer.

Love Peace and Empowerment

Calliope xx



Healing with Herb Robert

Herb Robert sitting on top of a lush green salad.

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