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Living Laughing Loving Breathing HBO

HBO. No not the master mind behind broadcasting the Lword dear friends, but hyperbaric oxygen. (I mean who doesn’t love the Lword!) Subject to controversy for years oxygen has a couple of hundred years of form regarding cancer. I could at this juncture talk about my beloved supplement Zell oxygen, Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, […]

The Power Of The One Is The Power Of The Many

Hello dear readers, a couple of you were asking about the maggots. Rest assured they do get a mention today albeit briefly. As you are probably by now aware, I like to write things a few weeks after the fact in order to give me time to reflect and process. So I arrived back in London […]

European Exchanges and other stories Pt 1

       So dear reader hello from the land of exploratory health adventures German hospitals and anarchist organic farms. So much has happened to this guineapig I almost don’t know where to start but start I will with a nice dramatic story! So I got invited to go to a festival outside of Berlin […]

Is Vitamin E the New Tamoxifen?

      It doesn’t take much and long to make my fur bristle. Especially when I pay £165 to see the supposed foremost cancer specialist and herbalist in the Uk because I want herbal support for my hormone and endocrine system and receive a lengthy report much of it dedicated to diet – that I […]


It will be eleven years in April that I have been living, breathing, studying, learning cancer. I must admit I consider myself a bit of an expert about my own body and don’t suffer fools gladly.To pay lots of money to see an expert is a bit of an anathema to me, as you can […]

Hormonic Theory

Hormonic Theory

A darkened hutch, a midrith grown big, a confused womb and a perimenopausal Guineapig. Fear not fellow readers – the hutch is darkened refers to Calliope’s wistful attempts to block out the light from the thoughtfully installed street lamp outside her bedroom window that doubles as football stadium illuminator, in the belief that darkness helps […]

Selfo selfis selfit selfimus selfistis selferunt!

Hello dear reader, I must apologise. Bastardization of vaguely remembered Latin conjugations are one of my failings but also a testimony to the wonders of big inner city comprehensives that were formerly convents. State schooling in the 70s! Caecilius est pater et Calliope est cavies Porcellus.  Calliope is also not a big selfie for cancer uk fan. […]