Health Activism: The Politics Of letting Go.

Hello dear readers, Happy Spring, Happy International Women’s Day and Happy Wakanda watching. As most of you know from my previous post, I had the Lurge (yes with a capital L). The lurge that has left almost no – one I know unscathed this year. That is the flu bug for those of you who […]

The Joy of Cold Showers And Other Delights

Dear reader, it is said that an orgasm can plug one into the primordial sound of the universe. A state of buzzing vibration – the Om that the Rishi’s of India maintained was the original sound. For myself I have found an additional way of accessing the cosmic hum… yes readers I am about to […]

European Adventures pt.3 Escape From Krankenhutch

Hello once again dear readers, glad you could join me as I continue my long tale of summertime happenings in the life of my alter ego – a guineapig called Calliope. If you recall in my last post I was resting and re-ecuperating in a German Hospital in Neu Brandenberg. In fact I had settled […]

European Exchanges pt 2 DAS KRANKENHAUS

   So my dear friends and readers – I believe I left you on the edge of your seats in my dramatic description of how I came to be left alone on a hospital stretcher bed in a corridor of a large emptyish hospital in Neu Brandenberg whilst I seemingly bled to death – apologies […]

European Exchanges and other stories Pt 1

       So dear reader hello from the land of exploratory health adventures German hospitals and anarchist organic farms. So much has happened to this guineapig I almost don’t know where to start but start I will with a nice dramatic story! So I got invited to go to a festival outside of Berlin […]

Selfo selfis selfit selfimus selfistis selferunt!

Hello dear reader, I must apologise. Bastardization of vaguely remembered Latin conjugations are one of my failings but also a testimony to the wonders of big inner city comprehensives that were formerly convents. State schooling in the 70s! Caecilius est pater et Calliope est cavies Porcellus.  Calliope is also not a big selfie for cancer uk fan. […]

Rock and Roll, Sticks and Stoners

I had decided that after 18 years of being more or less totally straight edge I was going to spend the summer as a stoner. And what a summer for it! Sizzling, hot and stoned! Ever present sometimes more attention seeking than other times the cancer I have been working with for 9 amazing years […]