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Trump and Cancer cells

Trump and Cancer cells

Is the hyperbaric oxygen working? Well I have steadfastly applied myself to the act of arriving on time almost daily before the tank gets locked, and succeeded. For those of you who have been accompanying me on this blog journey for a while you will know what a herculean effort that has been. (https://cancerguineapig.com/2012/11/07/queer-femme-time-pt-1/) The […]

Deep Diving pt 2

I gently pulsed it through my body letting the words be carried through my lymph and through my blood on a wave of silent sound, letting the many needles O has put in me hum with this sound – just to let the cancer know that it’s days are now numbered

If Truth Be Told.

How to honour your own truth

Living Laughing Loving Breathing HBO

HBO. No not the master mind behind broadcasting the Lword dear friends, but hyperbaric oxygen. (I mean who doesn’t love the Lword!) Subject to controversy for years oxygen has a couple of hundred years of form regarding cancer. I could at this juncture talk about my beloved supplement Zell oxygen, Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, […]