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Potato Thrashing – The Personal Made Public

Potato Thrashing – The Personal Made Public

The realisation of the length breadth and dimensionality of interconnectivity makes my breath stop for a second in my throat when I am at the farm. You see the city is so loud. “Inner City Life, Inner City pressure”. But the countryside is Louder. Really. You know that expression the silence was deafening – well […]

A London Intermission.

Hello dear readers, it may be Autumn equinox and the air is silently quivering with the steady change of Mabon but I still have some story to tell and hope you will follow me through this brief catalogue like post. I came back to London at the end of July. I was still incredulous that […]


  Apparently I am now consciously incompetent and this is a good thing, according to V my amazing and angular hypno-therapist at the Marie Curie. Consciously incompetent or not I do though have new thick curtains and a curtain rail – ¬†courtesy of the Macmillan fund – ¬†which are also both in their rightful place […]