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Hello dear readers, so I am still here, in this fifth month of May and haven’t migrated over to my new home YET. One of the reasons for this is that I cannot decide whether to be http://www.calliopeGP.com OR Calliopetheguineapig.com. If you have been following me or reading this blog for a while maybe I could […]

Potato Thrashing – The Personal Made Public

Potato Thrashing – The Personal Made Public

The realisation of the length breadth and dimensionality of interconnectivity makes my breath stop for a second in my throat when I am at the farm. You see the city is so loud. “Inner City Life, Inner City pressure”. But the countryside is Louder. Really. You know that expression the silence was deafening – well […]

Happy New Year 2014.

   As another New Year arrives I ruminate on the fact that it is more or less ten years ago to the day that my body has been dealing with unwanted cellular creativity. NYE 2004 was spent in the amazing city of Barcelona at a rocking New Years Eve underground warehouse rave put on by […]

Uncritical mass – the tipping point of joy

       What glorious days. The palpable difference in the air when enough people are sharing the enjoyment and positivity of striving for a common goal. Critical mass. Uncritical mass more like, the suspension of criticism of the olympics creating the tipping point of joy. This guinea-pig, like many others I guess, had no intention of […]

The Motorschiff Stubnitz

I must let you all into a little secret… before I was a cancer guineapig I was, well, a guineapig. Hush! I was going to write this blog about food – a major wow factor in my life  – and a little guide to all the different confusing dietary advices out there for people in […]

Intense in a tent!

this guineapig has been roaming around

Singing not squeeking for my supper

Tomorrow I have a singing exam – yes a public concert for my finals – and more opportunities for a Guinea pig to experiment with the private becoming public. I had the first part of the exam on monday – a spoken Viva, where I ended up unwittingly going a bit off track and talking […]