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Thrills and Spills. Anyone for Coffee?

As one would expect, sometimes sticking coffee up your ass can be a messy business…though at least I don’t attempt to stand on my head during the act, or bounce on a rebounder as one lady I know did. With dire results. Apparently. Aside from that, the pros for engaging with coffee in this manner […]

Yes Yes Yes! JUICING is Health Juicyness

Yes Yes Yes! JUICING is Health Juicyness

Green is the colour, but  football  isn’t  the  game,  juicing  greenage  is.  I,   Guinea-pig,  Chlorophyllium! I Love breakfast Juice and here is the recipe which I am still not tired of after 8 years – (natch, grass day in day out is the normal culinary fate of us Gps) 2  sticks  of  celery,  ginger  to […]

So Glad I’m Not Scared of Spiders.

So it’s been summer. Kind of. And the necessary discipline and application for sqweekly blog writing diminished somewhat. But the almost imperceptible waft of autumnal smell, and the glistening september webmastery of ‘aving it’ garden spiders heralds a renewed commitment – to the writing of this weekly blog, and a workable routine of health, study, and […]

Uncritical mass – the tipping point of joy

       What glorious days. The palpable difference in the air when enough people are sharing the enjoyment and positivity of striving for a common goal. Critical mass. Uncritical mass more like, the suspension of criticism of the olympics creating the tipping point of joy. This guinea-pig, like many others I guess, had no intention of […]

The carrot or the stick?

      Can food really heal? For many people a cancer diagnosis is a massive wake up call for healthy eating. One of the most agreed upon tactics is to change your diet –  to eat vegetarian or better still – vegan food, and go organic. Exercise and meditation are also actively encouraged. What would you […]

Personal, Arbitary and Endemic

  In my hutch I have a Mr Benn mirror. It allows me to transform from Guinea-pig to Scribe without any accompanying music (sorry those of you did not receive Mr.Benn in your formative years, I’m sure you can find him on You tube). Today after completing this neat little trick, after a rather busy […]

Star sky and Hutch.

The hutch is rather empty at the moment. The two industrious and estimable rats who co-habit the hutch with me are both on cross continental meanderings, so I have been wallowing in my own smells and rodent free solitude. The hutch though had to randomly come alive of its own accord on the first night […]

Intense in a tent!

this guineapig has been roaming around

Singing not squeeking for my supper

Tomorrow I have a singing exam – yes a public concert for my finals – and more opportunities for a Guinea pig to experiment with the private becoming public. I had the first part of the exam on monday – a spoken Viva, where I ended up unwittingly going a bit off track and talking […]

The advantage of.

The advantage of being an anthropomorphic guinea pig is the ability to sometimes leave the familiar sawdustic smell  of domesticity  and venture out to new pastures green, or revisit old pastures greening with the April gift of Rain So I find myself on Sunday at Waterloo station at midday about to board a train to […]